Looking for a Title Company? Concerned about what to expect?

Here is an overview of the Duties & Roles of a Title Company.

Title companies work hand in hand with the real estate field. Title companies usually act as the combined agent of the insurance company, the buyer, the seller, and other parties related to the real estate transaction. The title company reviews title, issues insurance, lead closings, and keep track and record of any paperwork. For more details regarding title companies, and how Foremost Title and Escrow helps companies to take on this process, click here for more…

When choosing Foremost Title and Escrow as your Title Company these would be our responsibilities:

Title Review

As a title company, Foremost Title and Escrow has a sophisticated real estate title search and review department. These departments review the public records relating to the real estate property in order to inform all interested parties of its status and condition.

Closing Agent.

We will work as closing agents of each party for the real estate transaction. In this role, Foremost Title and Escrow, will obtain signatures on all of the closing documents as well as receiving and distributing payments related to the transaction. After all the documents are signed, we will record these documents in the local county land records office.

Escrow Officer

Title companies often commonly act as escrow officers in connection with real estate transactions. This is the case of Foremost, as an escrow officer, we hold documents or money as part of the transaction and according to the instructions of the parties.

Insurance Issuer

As your title company, Foremost Title and Escrow will issue policies of title insurance on behalf of the title insurance company. Although we are not an insurance company, we will take on the role of an independent agent of the insurance company chosen by you. We will facilitate all the paperwork in order to issue the insurance policy.

At Foremost Title and Escrow, we understand that the closing process can be overwhelming. Foremost’s staff has experience in all facets of title insurance as it pertains to commercial and residential real estate and lending transactions, enabling Foremost to provide title and escrow services with the highest quality of professional support throughout the closing process. You have an issue, we have the solution. Call us Now.

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