Are you ignoring the potential of Google+? This untapped social media tool can boost your real estate company’s visibility tremendously. Nowadays the best way to showcase your business and give it the online exposure it needs is through Social Media. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn are among the most used social platforms, while Google+ is constantly overlooked social media platform that just happens to be one of the strongest tools that any company should include in their online marketing strategy.

Why Google +?
What anyone should be looking at when preparing their online social strategy is to boost their business presence online with the purpose of attracting new clients. While you can pay for advertisement the most effective way of driving new business is through organic means, such as making your website more search engine-friendly. Why? Here are 3 reasons:

  • Even though Google+ as a social media might be considered obsolete, the truth is that it’s alive and driving results. Thanks to its integration with Google’s other tools such as Google My Business or Google Maps, businesses that use Google+ rank higher when showing up in search listings.
  • Constant posting on the platform might result in a positive effect on how Google ranks that content in web searches. This means that photos, blog post, articles that you share on Google+ will naturally have better exposure than similar content hosted in other platforms, which will give you more exposure to your real estate business.
  • Using Google+ as part of your social media strategy gives you the opportunity to connect with over 440 million users. While it is true that is less than Facebook, it’s still a strong second place.

Based on the previous, we can conclude that Google+ is just another facet of your marketing strategy. It’s true that other social media platforms, such as Facebook will continue to have a stronger presence, you can plan your marketing accordingly and take advantage of all the resources out there.

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